Royal Burgess Golf


Redesign of ‘Professionals Shop’ for the Royal Burges Golfing Society in Edinburgh.


Shop located in the home of one of the oldest golfing societies in the world, and one of only 10 ‘Royal’ golf clubs in Scotland.

The shop refit had to consider the rich tradition and reputation that visitors and guests come to expect from a golfing club of this calibre while making this a store that was modern and contemporary for customers.


The shop redesign and fit had to consider space for the following merchandise:

  • Selection of golf clothing and additional apparel
  • Golfing accessories
  • Golf clubs and equipment
  • Additional space required for installation of a fridge for energy drinks and water, as well as small area dedicated to stocking snacks


The shop had to be designed in such a way that made it modern and welcoming to the visitor, as well as maintaining the reputation of being ‘the hub of the golfing banter’ for visitors.

It was important that all products were displayed clearly and were easily accessible to all customers, with all leading brands taking the central focus of the shop at all times.

Another key inclusion within the shop redesign was the inclusion of the Royal Burgess Golfing Society Crest. It was vital that this was proudly displayed and recognisable as soon as customers entered the shop. The solution to this was to present the crest directly behind the shop counter, so that even if customers did not see this upon entry they were reminded of the tradition and history of the club upon purchase. The decision to display the crest over simply displaying the name of the shop was important to reiterate the long-standing history of the golf club and it’s origins.

Project Details


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